PocketLUT Samples
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PocketLUT Samples

PocketLUT Version 3

A corrective LUT designed as an alternative to Blackmagic Design’s standard LUTs.


Compared to Blackmagic LUTs:

  • Less contrasty gamma curve (reveals more highlights)
  • Corrects slight white balance/tint deviation
  • Corrects almost 300 discrete color errors



  • Everything the PocketLUT does…AND…
  • Gamma curve optimized for highlight retention and added midtone contrast
  • Saturation curves optimized to highlight subject areas (upper-midtones) and deemphasize digital noise (shadows)
  • Specific adjustments to make skin tones more pleasing (but less accurate)



  • Everything the PocketLUT+ does…AND…
  • Emulation of the popular cameras and filmstocks: Alexa, Kodak Vision, Fuji
  • Subtle looks inspired by popular filmmakers: Bay, Fincher, Deakins
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